Multi Level Security Gateway

Multi Level Security Gateway (MLSG) represents simple, secure and high-quality solution for one—directional data transfer between two isolated information systems, and which makes possible, thanks wide configuration possibilities and inserted intelligence, various set up of these systems.

Inserted intelligence of MLSG makes possible to convert protocols, to check-in transferred data, for example virus, malware, or to perform user— defined operations, everything inside the system

image34711.png       image34751.png

MLSG goes on standard PC with inserted intelligence. The data transfer from one part of MLSG to the second side is realized via double optical component, without any possibility of feedback (MLD). This solution guarantees 100% secure, only one—directional data transfer, without any possibility to transfer data to the opposite side.

Support for any operational system

Via embedded HW components, any operational system is supported, for example MS Windows, Linux, etc., any other SW, according to the users requirements, can be installed.

Maximum speed of transfer is X times 1Mb/s.


Positron labs s.r.o, 2009
Code: Jiří Honomichl