Technologie MLA

MLA technology is a perfect answer to the current security threats. For the first time during long history of modern IT you can use the internet and process very sensitive data at the same moment. MLA technology first time in history guarantees that you are definitely protected against all virus, spy-ware or others insidious software. This capability of MLA technology is hundred per cent reliable, and does not have any gaps.

For their security attributes MLA products are also very appreciated by bodies and organizations, which process extremely sensitive data. This time there is not any theoretical and practical risk of technology breaking.

Thee basic of unique MLA technology is fully hardware oriented device, called MLA Bridge, and serves for integration of video signals from different systems. The aim is the integration of application windows pictures, which are provided by several systems, and usually projected at more monitors, and this integrated picture to project at the same monitor, everything with backward capability for the user to use a keyboard and a position device from the application, which was by this user chosen at the monitor.

The uniqueness of the device consists mainly in:

· the absence of any software, which could represent dangerous environment for damaging codes in your systems
· total separation and imperviousness of source systems
· universality of use, which has only one requirement, namely common DVI signal from source systems
· intelligence of device, which can, only with the knowledge of video signal, switch the communication among user and source systems

MLA Bridge in version 1.3 consists of two boards:

· video board
· controal board

Main task of the video board is the integration of input DVI signals to the one output DVI signal. The control board serves for automatic switching of user inputs from keyboard and position device to the active system.

At the following pictures you can see as MLA Bridge integrates the information from two systems, previously projected at two monitors, and projects them as the integrated picture at the same monitor.



Positron labs s.r.o, 2009
Code: Jiří Honomichl