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At the monitor you can see only color rainbow
Both PC’s are switched on and actually are inactive. The solution is a mouse click anywhere in rainbow picture. 

You can see only one operating system
The second PC either does not work or the set up according to the manual, described in chapter “After the operating system installation”, is not correct.

After operating system start up a position device or a keyboard does not work
Pull out the USB connector of relevant PC and plug in again. The device will recover its configuration.

The position of mouse “skips” by switching among operating systems
This problem usually appears by operating system, which does not have correctly implemented (according to the norm) the HID device, important for normal work of keyboard and mouse. For example Ubunt 8.4. This problem can be solved only by the installation of the original driver approved by operating system producer.

“Num lock”, “Caps lock”, and “Scroll lock” keyboard indication does not work
For the correct function of indication the communication between operating system and keyboard is needed. For the keeping up of the fully secure separation of both PC units the communication between operating system and keyboard is not allowed. So, the keyboard indication by NSW does not usually work. It is not a failure, but a security requirement. The common solution is the installation of a utility to operating system, which can indicate the status of the keyboard, for example in “Sys Tray”. 

Hardened version of MLA Switch and MLA Data Diode

For the third trimester 2009 we are preparing hardened version of MLA Switch, which can be placed in the area with higher level of confidence and communication with the system with lower level of confidence is realized via optical fiber.

Simultaneously, in the middle of 2009 new version of MLA Data Diode will be free for purchase. This version consists of two separate parts, transmitter and receiver, which are interconnected via optical fiber. This version is currently under the certification process for one – directional data transfer from UNCLASSIFIED system to SECRET system.

New version of MLA PCI

Version 2.1.0 enables locking of active applications, and their switching by keyboard {TAB}
Version 3.0, currently in preparing, brings the possibility to set up key-colors for each input separately.

Development in the area of operating systems

In cooperation with our partners we currently work at development of modified standard operating system into MLS version. After finalization of development (assumed spring/summer 2009) we will have for distribution a system of new generation for future, highly secure applications.

Positron labs s.r.o, 2009
Code: Jiří Honomichl