DTRG -Distributed True Random Generator

DTRG is unique system dedicated for crypto keys distribution via public communication channel.

This system does not use any common method constructed on symmetric or asymmetric cryptology. The uniqueness is based on unusual implementation of Vernam crypto system. Significant benefit consists in practical, mathematically declared, impossibility to break the system.


 Scema description:

 GEN   - true Random Generator
 PNG   - pseudo Random Generator
 XOR   - basic binary operation
   N     - random number
   K     - pseudo random number 
   C     -character transmitted via public channel

DTRG properties

Generally, this system modifies common Vernam crypto system, the basic idea consist mainly in transmitted “secrets” and cryptographic key interchanging. Nevertheless, Shannon hypothesis, which declare absolute security of Vernam crypto system, are in compliance. 

The system uses only basic and very fast mathematical operations, which create condition for high speed and single chip devices implementation.

DTRG usage

DTRG is mainly designed for sharing and distribution of true random keys among more entities via public communication channel.
DTRG creates conditions for complete crypto system, called MLA Key space.


Positron labs s.r.o, 2009
Code: Jiří Honomichl